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By Alicia Kidd

Hello, my dear friends! I'm updating this blog, since it's honestly been a while. I have been putting in allot of time and effort into a new website and blog. Also, I have been working on many top secret proyects, a couple of weddings and a few workshops. It's been a rough2-3 years. I can only say that my life has changed completly. Completly! It's all good. Please visit this new website, I'm still uploading weddings and editing new weddings. I'm working on a few actions and presets that will be available very soon. More good news to come! Please follow me on Instagram if you arent already, my facebook page is also a great place to visit to stay updated with some of my weddings and sessions and also, a new thing, I started perascoping (@aliciakiddphoto) recently and I honestly like it! It will have to be scheduled scopes because I only have small gaps of free time during the day. But it may work out, who knows! Let's try it out.


By Alicia Kidd


This is the image my previous video was about. How I retouched this image. I used Lightroom 5.3, Photoshop CC and Exposure 5. It took me about 2 hours. http://vimeo.com/aliciakidd/maternityshoot

There will be another post about this session with more pictures coming very soon. I'm currently working on a few projects simultaniously, one of which is my wedding portfolio page. A new place for my wedding photography. www.aliciakidd.photography I'm very excited to show you! There will also be more workshops added to my workshop website: http://workshops.aliciakidd.com/ 

For questions you can reach me at my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/aliciakiddphotography 

By Alicia Kidd

Those that follow me on Instagram know that I have been working on a few interior projects for some time now. I have been shooting interior and exterior of villas, condos and homes that are rented to vacationers in Palmas del Mar. A beautiful resort community in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Major improvements had to be made to my computers' ram as well as storage capacity. Shooting panoramic HDRs for a months on end has made me miss the simple things in shooting digital. The process becomes long, tedious, and draining after a while. BUT, once I get feed back from the company's clients, employees, and CEO, it's all well worth it! Filling their awesome website with my pictures has been so much more than just a job, it has been an honor. As this company grows, I only wish to have the opportunity to stick with 'em and keep shooting their properties for them. 

Here’s a little preview. The rest are at www.oceanobeachresorts.com

By Alicia Kidd

This is a short story about a girl and her horse, Princeton. 

By Alicia Kidd

In 2007, I had the opportunity to photograph two love birds. They were just starting their relationship, maybe a few months into it. The chemestry between them was amazing and inspiring. Fast forward to January 2014 an article about their awesome relationship was published a month ago in a lovely printed magazine. The wedding was a very beautiful, romantic and special moment packed with gorgeous and very special people.

I was with them from the very early stages of planning this wedding. The day they visited the location for final planning, the rehearsal day, rehearsal lunch/dinner, getting ready, cremony and finaly the reception. A complete coverage of the day. If you want to see all the pictures visit my website: Alex & Rocio wedding coverage.


By Alicia Kidd

This wedding was an absolute joy to photograph. I love these photos, I love this wedding, I love this couple and their family. It was a wonderful night! :)

By Alicia Kidd
More coming soon! Also check out the preveous post about tear sheets. Follow me on Instagram: aliciakiddphotog Photos on this wedding will be posted very, very soon! 

By Alicia Kidd

New branding and workshops webpage. I'm hoping future participants find this website to be very informative and useful. 

There will be more seminars, projects and workshops added to site each month. For now, it's up and running! Check iit out! http://workshops.aliciakidd.com
Let me know what you think. ;)

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